Welcome to Byers Built

Whether you’re dealing with small or large construction projects, residential or commercial, we are your reliable provider of high-quality, powerful construction tools and equipment. We sell and rent tools and equipment and provide you with all the necessary instructions via our website.

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How It Works

Whether you are currently building or are in the business of construction industry, our company provides all the equipment and tools you might need for all sorts of construction projects.


Sales of Construction Equipment

As a licensed provider of construction equipment, our company sells a wide range of tools, machines, vehicles and industrial constructions used within construction projects. We provide famous types of machines, reliable international manufacturers with a full guarantee for each sold piece.

Repair Services

Various glitches and breakdowns of construction equipment cause downtime and missing deadlines with construction projects. Our company provides on-site or in-house repairs and servicing of all sorts of construction tools and machines timely and efficiently, so you can go back to work immediately.

Construction Equipment Rental

We are reputed and reliable rental source for wide range of construction tools and machines, serving both commercials, residential and industrial construction projects. This includes all sorts of smaller tools, machines, and vehicles used within construction projects and all the equipment is delivered on-site and picked up.

Schedule complete servicing of your inventory

If you’re a first-time constructor, our company will provide you with rented equipment or rather an affordable option of purchasing all the tools and machines you might need. However, if you already possess your collection of tools, don’t throw them so easily just because they might be overused and worn-out. Check every item and bring them to our skilled technicians for service. We provide full check-up, regular servicing, and maintenance of all your equipment which will save you money and afford high-quality tools for quite some time before purchasing new ones.

Meet The Team


Nick Dobson

Works as the chief branch manager in our company making sure every step of the process between client’s order and satisfied client at the end of cooperation goes smoothly.

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Nathan V. Kay

The president and general manager of the company coordinating this large and synchronized corporation, communicating with potential clients and chief editing of company’s webpage.

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Mat McGowan

Our main machine engineer and the director of safety. He’s in charge of providing perfectly functional tools and machines, as well as ensuring the absolute safety for everyone operating our equipment.


Still Doubting?

  • I’ve built an entirely new home for my family using equipment rented in this company, and I am extremely satisfied.

    Peter Gregory

  • Professional, responsible, dedicated and experienced experts providing high-quality construction tools.

    John Black
    Founder of Felix Construction

  • My construction company cooperates with these guys for years and relying on their equipment has never let us down so far.

    Patrick Jackson
    CEO of McCarthy

  • Construction projects go smoothly when you get to use powerful quality machines and tools as we got from this provider.

    Lead engineer of Lloyd Construction

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